n-Touch HMI, allied of the digital revolution. And not only.

Digital revolution has not just changed how business is perceived but especially how business is performed. Adapting the technology used to the trends can be challenging, but it’s something needed in order to keep or improve the company competitive edge. Disruption will continue to be an increasingly common occurrence in the next few years, and companies unable or unprepared for those changes will quickly fall to the bottom of the pack.

In order to help businesses to embrace such change, N-and commits to design, develop and manufacture products that follow the market trends, implementing latest technologies within a modern and durable design. Today we would like to showcase n-Touch HMI devices, one of N-and’s best seller products.

n-Touch HMI modules are a cost-effective solution for your digitalization purpose enhancing the human-machine interaction through multitouch capacitive touch screens, outstanding optics and responsive performance.

From size to electronics, a full customisation of n-Touch modules is available to perfect fit your usage requirements in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications. Camera and microphone compatible, n-Touch devices become the perfect allied to ride the wave of artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things thanks to fast connectivity through 4G modem, Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

All the devices of the n-Touch family feature tempered vandal proof Safety Glass or Gorilla GlassTM, assuring excellent resistance and safety and making them suitable to diverse working environments. Although robust, the design remains modern and elegant, matching perfectly appealing user interfaces. You don’t have one? Why don’t go with a perfect combination of n-Touch screen and FlexUi software, a flexible and powerful tool fully customizable according to your needs. We have you covered, so ready to digitally-revolutionize your business?

Find out more on n-Touch HMI devices here: https://n-andgroup.com/touch_devices/

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