N-and’s transformation initiative continues!

Our biggest and most business critical deployment has been put into effect.

On August 11th, after 9 months of detailed scrutiny of our processes and features implementation, N-and’s entire operation system was migrated to SAP B1.

A growing business needs the appropriate technology platform to help manage the growth and to lay a foundation for future success.

Last year we have anticipated a breaking point with our existing ERP systems and their ability to support our expansion. Hence the need to move to a more integrated enterprise resource planning system to serve better our global customers and to reduce waste in our own intercompany and operational processes.

SAP B1 represents the right choice and the perfect solution fitting our structure.

Thanks to this strategic investment all N-and’s facilities have now standardised their operations, improved visibility and enhanced their operational efficiency across a range of business verticals and geographies.

This project will maximise our business performance and efficiency ; it also will allow N-and to evolve and swiftly adapt to challenges and additional growth demands.

Implementing SAP is a further demonstration of N-and’s  commitment to become a truly intelligent enterprise that puts the customer first.


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